Atish Parmar

Atish Parmar

Atish Parmar Owner of Metric Connect in Leicester

What do I do?

Social Media Marketing for businesses has now prioritised itself as the most important factor when marketing your business.

I took a career change in the latter part of 2018 to go into the world of Digital Marketing. I already had a passion for it and to help other businesses was a no-brainer, as I have successfully sold three of my own and family-owned companies, which were all at a good level of profit when sold.

Vision for Metric Connect

Metric Connect has organically built a client list of a certain type of business. This is to do with my knowledge in the property sector.

The company aims to partner with businesses with a vision to grow and to become market leaders. Large Estate Agents, Property Influencers, Financial Advisors, Mortgage Advisors, Solicitors firms and Suppliers to the property industry are the sectors which work well for our firm.

Our vision is to partner with the right owner/entrepreneur of the business and to make them the leader from its competition.

We do this by promoting businesses through all the social platforms in ways which are very unique to us and can be very cost effective by using our great formulas. Facebook Advertising, Instagram Advertising, Google PPC, LinkedIn Advertising are the core strengths of our company.

How we can help

If your business has the fundamental values of growth for which we believe in, then we shall become a partner. Our targeting and retargeting for lead generation through sales funnels, and email marketing can revolutionise the way you do your business.

This is an exciting part of marketing as you can realistically see the numbers of customers increase by using these methods.

My aim is to have the best Social Media Marketing Agency in the East Midlands, we shall become this by having the best of the best partnering with us.

Lets Connect…..

If you feel like to want to explore your vision and take your business to the heights it deserves, please get in touch with me. I would be happy to meet you or a person you may think will gain from this. Contact me by clicking here.

Atish Parmar Owner of Metric Connect in Leicester

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