Atish Parmar holding a camera doing an Instagram Live

Tips on improving an Instagram Live experience

Why use Instagram Live? One of the fastest ways to build rapport with your Instagram followers is through live video. Live experiences gives viewers an opportunity to interact with you, have their questions answered in real time, and tune into experiences as they’re unfolding.  Tips to improve the broadcast Set

Facebook ads

How to scale your Facebook Ads

 Here are our four ways of scaling your facebook ads by Metric Connect.  Increase the geographic area of your audience targeting. Once your Facebook pixel has collected enough data about what your ideal customer looks like in one country, you can apply these lessons to target markets in other countries.

Phone displaying LinkedIn on smart phone

Why you should be using LinkedIn Conversation Ads

More than 2.5 billion people globally are using messaging apps at least 3 hours per day , a major shift to more one-to-one conversations. LinkedIn has now introduce a new ad format called Conversation Ads.  Conversation ads are an extension of LinkedIn message ads, enabling advertisers to interact with prospects

Picture of Kristina Parmar from Metric Connect

Introducing Kristina Parmar to Metric Connect

We are happy to announce that our agency has now appointed it’s Operations Manager & Director, Kristina Parmar.  Kristina will be joining her husband Atish Parmar as Director of Metric Connect – Digital Marketing.  Atish comments ‘I am delighted that Metric Connect is now a family-run business and I feel

Zoopla reporting on why agents need to embrace social media

Tapping into the Digital Environment

This article is from Landlord Today on 17th February 2020 The change in customer behaviour driven by technological developments is the biggest trend that marketers believe will offer the greatest opportunities and challenges in digital marketing, and that largely explains why 65% of estate agents plan to harness social media

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