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Keeping up with the competition

Lots of successful brands use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There are now over 3.48 billion social media users globally. Which is why it’s the perfect place for organisations to tap into a new audience and keep their existing one engaged. Chances are, your competitors are using

Social Media Tips for Estate Agents & Housebuilders

Social Media Tips For Estate Agents & Homebuilders

Social Media Tips for Estate Agents Having spent the past twelve years as an Estate/Letting Agent. My constant aim was to have my website on top of Google and Google Maps. Year-on-year, more customers came from Google. SEO The fundamental part of getting a higher position on Google is making

Atish Parmar Owner of Metric Connect in Leicester

Atish Parmar

What do I do? Social Media Marketing for businesses has now prioritised itself as the most important factor when marketing your business. I took a career change in the latter part of 2018 to go into the world of Digital Marketing. I already had a passion for it and to

Instagram - Metric Connect Atish Parmar

Simple ways of getting more out of Instagram…..

Atish Parmar, April 2019, Metric Connect Instagram is now leading the way by gaining the most engagement within the social platforms. According to, there are approximately 24 million active users on Instagram in the UK (Jan 2019).  As a business owner, this is a cheap way to showcase your

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