Why you should be using LinkedIn Conversation Ads

Why you should be using LinkedIn Conversation Ads

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More than 2.5 billion people globally are using messaging apps at least 3 hours per day , a major shift to more one-to-one conversations. LinkedIn has now introduce a new ad format called Conversation Ads. 

Conversation ads are an extension of LinkedIn message ads, enabling advertisers to interact with prospects in a more personal and engaging way. What makes these ads unique is that they allow business to create a full-funnel campaign with multiple customised call to actions. 

So why do we need them?

Compulsion of choice – The ‘choose your own path’ experience prompts increase action. reach out with a singular offer, and you may not connect with an individual user. By offering various optional responses such as product education, webinar sign-ups and e-book downloads – you then expand the potential for engagement. 

Higher purchase intent – These two-way ads are designed for real-time engagement, so messages can only be sent when the prospective is active on LinkedIn. These means that they are more likely to be in the right mindset with higher purchase intent. 

Relevant ads – Conversation ad campaigns are a way to serve personalised content based on where prospects are in the customer journey. They are designed to help customers instantly access the content and offers that are most interesting to them, driving both more engagement and higher quality engagement. 

Advanced analytics – Detailed click reporting and conversion tracking shows how people engaged with the conversation, giving you insights and a better understanding of your audiences intentions. 

We hope this helps you on your next marketing strategy to bring in new clients to your business. If you require a more in-depth discussion on this we would be happy to discuss this with you. 


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